Why choose us?
Our tutors have years of experience in the industry, some have even worked in the West End. You can be confident in knowing that you are learning from the experts.

You will benefit
Working in our drama studio, theatre and bespoke outdoor amphitheater, you’ll be creating performances, making and designing sets and costumes, acting, dancing, singing and improvising. The atmosphere is energetic and professional.

You will succeed
A qualification in performing arts is not just about acting. You'll be learning about lighting, stage management and even how to promote your performances. You’ll also be learning about the industry as a whole and everything you need to be successful in your future career.

You will stand out
St Helens town centre has a fantastic arts scene, with venues including The Citadel Arts Centre and The Theatre Royal. You’re also right next to Liverpool and Manchester, where you’ve got The Everyman, The Empire and Media City, plus many more.

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Why study Performing Arts with us?

Industry Experience

Our tutors have extensive industry experience and a real passion for performing arts.

Creative Atmosphere

You’ll be taught in an energetic and creative atmosphere with support from peers and tutors.

Professional Links

We have strong links with local and national performing arts professionals and organisations.

Progression Routes

Progress onto university, drama school or into a successful career in the industry.

Live Productions

You’ll perform live productions in our indoor theatre and bespoke outdoor amphitheater.

Strong Partnerships

We work in partnership with the Heart of Glass, The Citadel Arts Centre and The Theatre Royal.